How is data collected at Iconic Data Scrap? + -

We at Iconic Data Scrap collect data by searching across various websites, such as the data information such as price, category, qualities, etc., using Google and other search engines. To provide clean, accurate data to our clients, we gather, verify, and analyse the data using our software and technology.

What type of customer information do you need to provide the solutions you offer? + -

We give competitive market data for the websites and brands that our consumers choose, therefore the majority of our services don't require any client data to function. Unless you use our tools for pricing optimization or ask for unique data reports, that is. Following that, we might request internal information on each case.

How to know the price charts for the services that you offer on Iconic Data Scrap? + -

Connect with our customer executives who are available 24*7 to solve your queries. You can talk to them to know the prices for our services. Get a quotation for the services you are interested in, and get in touch with our customer support at Iconic Data Scrap. The prices might vary based on the services you choose, and other considerations.

Do you offer customization on your services? + -

Yes, our customized offerings range from personalized data reports to unique APIs and even mobile applications. You can get the services tailored to your business needs and workflow requirements.

Do you serve your services to only a particular industry? + -

We provide data insights on almost every industry. We have clients in the mass retail, automobile, industry supplies, pharmaceuticals, E-commerce, tools and machine, books and media, and travel industries thus far.

How frequently do you publish updates? + -

Huge modifications and smaller updates are released after some intervals. We take steps to ensure that our customer's demands are the driving force behind our service upgrades and are implemented into our release schedule.

What Services do you offer at Iconic Data Scrap? + -

We offer various services such as Data extraction, Price Intelligence, Data Intelligence, Custom Data warehouse, Data statistical reports and, data as a services across various Industries.